The Conclusion

My experience in Sweden came to an abrupt and unexpected end on March 30th, when I received news that my grandparents had been in a car accident the day prior and my grandfather had died.

I want everyone to know that I wouldn’t have been able to come if it hadn’t been for him, and for a lot of reasons.  He piqued my interest in travel kind of passively when I was young.  I remember being at my grandparents’ house in Indianapolis and sifting through this jar he kept of coins.  All the coins were different currencies, and served as a sort of souvenir from his many trips abroad for business.  I was so interested in the coins and their countries of origin — I remember one in particular had a hole in the middle and when I asked about it, Grandpa told me a about Denmark.

He would have loved hearing about my trip when I got back, but for now I’m trying to be grateful that I was able to keep the blog, post my photos and communicate with him (and a lot of other people) through email and Skype.  It was really important to me that he knew how much I enjoyed being in Sweden, in part because it was a very significant interest we shared.  He knew and understood my interest in seeing and experiencing new things and supported me when, back in August, I decided on a whim to study abroad.

All I can say now is thank you.



3 thoughts on “The Conclusion

  1. He was a great man. He was so proud of you and your brothers. I got to talk to him and Sara about a week before the accident. They talked a out how impressed they were that you were studying abroad and willing to try new things. He is missed.

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